VisionBee extracts meaningful insights from Image and Video data including live Camera Feeds for real time business decisions. VisionBee works on your pre-installed IP camera feeds saving cost of replacing cameras. Learn how saves lives at a leading manufacturing company by raising alerts, anytime a worker enters a prohibited space.

Data Specification sheet

Dashboard and Real time Alerts

Analyze real time video feeds to populate real time dashboard and raise alerts.

Making Sense of Video Data

Improve your operational performance by analyzing your camera feeds.

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  • Reduce service time / overcrowding through real time visual reporting and proactive staff alerts

  • Manage Contingencies / Support Staff effectiveness through real time camera reporting

  • Manage Crowding in Important Public Spaces such as hallways, courtyards, ICU areas etc

  • Hazmat and Hygiene Compliance

  • Highly Accurate automated capture of object counts and events to avoid Human Error

  • Camera Analytics to Proactively Flag Possible adverse events such as thefts, accidents etc.

Industry Case Studies

Prohibited Spaces in Manufacturing

  • 1


    VisionBee reduces incidence of injuries, damages and loss of humans in heavy industries and manufacturing plants.

  • 2

    Geo-fencing of Prohibited Spaces

    Prohibited spaces close to hazardous areas can be geo-fenced in VisionBee; VisionBee can be configured to detect and track any objects such as humans.

  • 3


    VisionBee raises alerts if any object enters the prohibited space for a certain period of time.

  • 4


    Leading Pulp & Paper manufacturer in the US.

Customer Experience in Hospitals & Retailers

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    VisionBee helps improve overall patient & customer satisfaction at hospitals, clinics and retail spaces.

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    Patient & People Counting

    VisionBee can be configured to identify hallways and common areas within the hospital to track counts of waiting patients, their movement in hallways and any possible crowding.

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    Queue Management

    Regions of Interest (ROIs) can be configured in VisionBee around billing area into waiting queues, counters for queue analytics and improved queue management.

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    Leading multi-specialty hospital in India


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