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Findout.ai ingests enterprise documents and data to create a knowledge graph, that can be searched using natural language queries. Learn how Findout.ai saves millions of dollars at a leading US insurance company by improving the efficiency of Medical Claims and Operations processes.

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AI-enabled knowledge management solution

Findout.ai provides complete, one-stop administration and governance of all the knowledge produced within an enterprise.

Making Sense of Video Data

Improve your operational performance by analyzing your camera feeds.


VisionBee.ai extracts meaningful insights from Image and Video data including live Camera Feeds for real time business decisions. VisionBee works on feeds of pre-installed IP cameras saving cost of replacing cameras. Learn how VisionBee.ai saves lives at a leading manufacturing company by raising alerts, anytime a worker enters a prohibited space.

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neurIOT Labs has engineered the PharmaAcuity SaaS platform that helps Pharma and Life Sciences companies reduce time to market their products. By applying the principles of Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Graph Theory and Big Data, PharmaAcuity helps companies study the Physician and Patient behaviors for reduced Lab to Launch timespan.

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The Platform with the power to accelerate data into action.

PharmaAcuity’s Holistic Platform Provides a 360° View of the Healthcare Industry Universe.



Cutting Edge

Our foundation in deep research, product engineering and strong technological partnerships helps us remain on the cutting edge of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

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Our team is capable of building Machine Learning and IoT solutions using both Open-source and best-in-class proprietary technologies from NVIDIA, AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, and others.

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Cost Advantage

Our expert team located across US, Europe and India provides the right fit model to deliver the highest quality services at optimal price.

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About Us

Human Like Intelligent

neurIOTians are Scientists, Engineers, Designers, Analysts and Industry Experts who're building world class products and solutions. Our culture of excellence & experimentation is underpinned with Inclusivity & Diversity. Our tolerance for failure risks has allowed us to continuously evolve and improve.

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We're always on the lookout for talent in Data Science. If you're an expert in Machine Learning or Data Science, send us your CV at careers@neuriot.com

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