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neurIOTians are Scientists, Engineers, Designers, Analysts and Industry Experts who're building world class products and solutions. Our culture of excellence & experimentation is underpinned with Inclusivity & Diversity. Our tolerance for failure risks has allowed us to continuously evolve and improve.

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What we Value

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    To deliver "Human Like Intelligent" AI and IoT Products and Services that solve problems confronting businesses and humankind.

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    To improve businesses and lives across the world through Deep Technology and AI.

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    Research & Innovation, Integrity, Respect, Diversity & Inclusion

Our Journey

  • 2017

    • neurIOT founded in USA & India
    • IVF Outcomes Prediction for US Life-Sciences company
    • ML Demand & Price Forecasting for large companies in India
  • 2018

    • Free-T Prediction for US Life-Sciences company
    • 20 Most Promising Cognitive Solutions Providers 2018 by CIOReview
    • Dedicated Data-science team setup for large US Pharma company
  • 2018

    • Consumer Fraud Detection project from large Japanese Consumer Electronics company
    • 10 Most Innovative Cognitive Solutions Providers 2018 by Insights Success
    • Awarded project by Long Beach Police Department under US government’s STiR program
  • 2019

    • AI-driven Supplier Analytics for largest Indian B2B marketplace
    • Development of WallySci IoT and Bio-sensing Product
    • Partnership with US IT company for Logistics & Shipment vertical
  • 2019

    • MSA with largest US Health Insurance company for AI-driven Search solution
    • Fall Injury Prediction in Seniors for large US Senior Living company
  • 2020

    • Dedicated Computer Vision team focused on NVIDIA technology stack
    • Development of findout.ai AI-driven Enterprise KM and Search product
    • Launched of WallySci Bio-sensing IoT product on CrowdSupply
  • 2020

    • Awarded AI-driven Contact Risk Profiling project by US company
    • Founded PharmaAcuity to focus on Pharma and Healthcare industry
    • Awarded prestigious AI-based Crime Analytics project by NCRB under MHA, Govt of India
  • 2021

    • Awarded first PharmaAcuity contract for HCP Identification for Urology drug
    • Awarded machine breakdown prediction project by UA EAM company
    • Went live with ComputerVision solution at Atlanta International Airport
  • 2022

    • Awarded first PharmaAcuity SaaS contract
    • Went live with AI-driven KM solution with largest US Health Insurance company
    • Launch of VisionBee ComputerVision product
  • 2022

    • Went live with first PharmaAcuity SaaS customer
    • Started with our new office at Wework Noida, India
    • Second PharmaAcuity SaaS customer

Behind the Scenes


Everyday at neurIOT

Why Join Us

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    Inclusive & Diverse

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    Non-hierarchical Organization Structure

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    Hybrid Working Model

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    Strong R&D Culture


We're always on the lookout for talent in Data Science. If you're an expert in Machine Learning or Data Science, send us your CV at careers@neuriot.com

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Leadership Team

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    Sanjeev Thukral

    CEO & President

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    CK Singhla


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    Himanshu Upadhyay

    Head of Product Engineering

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    Praveen Kumar Chaudhary

    Lead Data Scientist

Advisory Board

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    Vikas Vats

    Entrepreneurial Business Builder

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    Klara Czobor

    Pharma & Healthcare Industry Advisor


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